Signs That The Pump In Your Well May Need Some Repair Or Replacement

Posted on: 12 April 2022

Most water wells that are drilled deep into the ground use a submersible pump installed in the well and sit just below the water's surface near the bottom of the well. Because the pump is in the well, it can be more challenging to troubleshoot, but if it stops working correctly, you can have a well pump repair service come and assess the situation to give you some idea of what is going on with the system. 

Low Water Pressure

One sign that there may be something wrong with the pump in your water well is a sudden change in the water pressure coming from the well to the house. The system works using a water storage tank, so the pump is not running all the time to try and keep up with water usage, but if the pressure is suddenly very low at the tap, you may have a pump that is not keeping the tank full.

The well pump repair service can check the pressure coming to the tank from the well and determine if the pump is not moving enough water to fill the tank or if there is an issue in the well like low water levels that can cause the pump to struggle to keep the system pressurized. If the water well pump is at fault, it can be removed and a new pump installed, but if the well pump repair tech determines the pump is working correctly, you may need to look more carefully at the well itself or related equipment like the pressure tank to determine if that is where the problem is at.

Sand In The Fixtures

Sand that accumulates in the base of the toilet, tub, or the sinks is a telling sign of a well problem and needs to be addressed right away. While the pump may still be functioning, if there is sand in the well and it is getting drawn up through the well pump, it is only a matter of time before the pump will fail.

The well pump repair service can pull the pump out of the well and install a sand separator on the pump's intake to keep the sand out, but a significant amount of sand may mean that the well is filling up from the base, and eventually, the well will dry up. The well pump can not operate in that environment very long before the sand gets into the bearings and past the seals in the pump and cause damage to the insides that the well pump repair tech has to deal with. 

If the pump has been running in water with a lot of sand or silt in it for a while, the pump could be beyond repair, but replacing it with a new pump should wait until the sand issue is resolved. 


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