Tips When Using Flat Industrial Washers To Prevent Surface Damage

Posted on: 11 October 2021

Industrial flat washers have a lot of amazing purposes, with one of the most important being to prevent surface damage with workpieces. If you use these precautions, this fastener type can serve this role perfectly.

Test Out a Couple of Washer Varieties

It might seem that industrial washers are simple in form — and they kind of are — but there are a lot of varieties to still choose from. If you want to have more confidence in the choice you make, try out a couple of different washer varieties. You can get some with different properties and materials, seeing what you like most.

With enough time to examine each industrial washer's qualities when protecting against surface damage, you should refine your search. It might be washers made out of stainless steel or washers that have extra coatings for heavy-duty applications. 

Go With the Right Level of Thickness

A fundamental attribute to look over prior to making an industrial washer purchase is thickness. How thick do your washers need to be to where they provide optimal surface damage protection? Manufacturers that offer these fasteners will have a lot of varieties, even more than material options provided.

The best way to approach this calculation is getting enough thickness to prevent surface damage, but not so much to where you're wasting the washer's materials. Heavy-duty applications might require thicker washers for more protection while some projects will do better with thinner washers because of space constraints. Just make sure you assess thickness levels as carefully as you can.

Consider Surface Properties

If your main goal is to protect surfaces from damage when using industrial washers, then it's a good idea to carefully examine surface properties before ultimately deciding which fasteners to use in your projects. How much surface do you need to protect and what properties are you dealing with?

These assessments shouldn't be left up to chance. Rather, you rather need to perform inspections to find out what surface properties you're dealing with. Then you can find suitable washers that have meaningful attributes. 

If you want to do a good job at preventing surface damage when combining materials together, the best choice is an industrial flat washer. These fasteners have a lot of great properties. You just need to find out relevant information that helps you narrow in on a particular flat washer type, so that the materials you're trying to protect remain in good condition. 


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