Advice When Working With A Manufacturer To Receive Polyurethane Foam Packaging

Posted on: 4 May 2021

If you have valuable or fragile products that need to be shipped to customers, using polyurethane foam packaging is a great idea. It has amazing protection qualities to keep damage to a minimum. You'll work with a manufacturer to order it, which will be a positive experience every step of the way if you're cognizant of these tips.

Hand Over Product Dimensions and Features

Manufacturers can make polyurethane foam packaging in all kinds of ways, but to ensure they really come through with optimal packaging material, make sure you hand over product dimensions and features. You should do this from the very beginning, before manufacturing starts.

Then the manufacturer can implement this data into how polyurethane foam packaging is designed and structured. You won't have to go back and forth with the manufacturer because they'll have all of the relevant data needed to get manufacturing started in a targeted way.

Test Packing Samples Before Making a Large Order

You may be excited to order a bunch of polyurethane foam packaging materials so that you can support a lot of customer product orders. Before you do though, make sure you get samples from the manufacturer before putting in a large order. You need to make sure the dimensions and overall structure of the foam packaging are going to work correctly for your products.

Once these samples come in, you can start packaging a couple of products and put them through damage tests to see if the right amount of protection is offered. This will show that the foam packaging materials are designed perfectly and are ready for use. 

Consider Adding a Company Name

Even though polyurethane foam's primary goal is to protect your company's products that customers are receiving, you can still use this packaging material as a marketing opportunity. Customers will see this foam when they first open up your packaging, so you might want to add your company's name on the front.

A lot of manufacturers have the capabilities to add this feature to the polyurethane foam that's refined to support your products perfectly. Then this packaging material will serve two roles, helping you grow your business even more.

Thanks to the dynamic ways that polyurethane foam can be customized, it works great at protecting company products. As long as you give the manufacturer the right data and take certain steps throughout this relationship, you'll get optimized polyurethane foam packaging quickly. 


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