3 Reasons to Use Custom Foam Inserts with Your Products

Posted on: 14 September 2020

If you have a custom product that you need to ship to your customers, you want to make sure your product gets to your customers without getting damaged. Having the right packaging in place around your product can help ensure that it gets to its intended destination without suffering any damage.

When it comes to protecting your goods, custom foam inserts are a smart and effective way to protect a variety of different goods, from electronics to health care equipment to items with lots of small pieces.

#1: Custom Designed Safety System

With a custom foam insert, you are going to place items into the foam insert. Many custom foam inserts have both a top and a bottom to keep your items secure. That custom foam insert is then inserted into a case that will provide further protection or your goods. When you invest in custom foam inserts for your business, you have created a personally designed safety system for your goods. You are not just wrapping your items up in plastic and hoping for the best; you are creating a safety system based on measurements and calculations that are designed to ensure your goods will get to their destination safely.

#2: Easier Packing

Second, with a custom foam insert and case, the packing process for your products should be simplified. For each completed project, you just need to take the item, place each part into the appropriate corresponding area in the foam insert, and place the foam insert inside of a case. Then, you can box up and ship the item. This is a relatively streamlined process that can be completed quickly. You don't have to paper wrap or bubble wrap and tape each item, then add packing peanuts, and labor over the packing process. Foam inserts will make packing up each item to ship a quicker and more efficient process.

#3: More Professional Appearance

Finally, you should consider using custom foam inserts to ship items for your business as they will create a more professional appearance. Your items will be properly stored, and the chances of them getting harmed in shipping are incredibly low. Shipping your items inside of a custom case with protective foam will create a professional package that is sure to leave a good impression on your end customer.

If you have a product you want to ship, and you need the product to be handled with care, you should consider creating a custom case and foam insert to protect the product. This will allow you to easily pack your products up in a professional manner, keeping your customers happy.


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