Why Renting An Air Compressor May Be Your Best Option

Posted on: 9 March 2020

When you need compressed air for tools or to run some piece of equipment, getting one that will suit your needs may be expensive. If you are only going to need the compressor for a short time, renting one might be the best way to go.

Air Compressor Types

Air compressors can run on electricity, gasoline, diesel, and propane, making them versatile for many different situations. The real difference is the motor used to drive the compressor, not the compressor itself. Most compressors work the same way, drawing in air, compressing the air into a storage tank, and then releasing it under pressure through a hose or pipe. 

The amount of air the compressor can move through it is different from model to model, and if you need a lot of air, you are going to need a large compressor. While smaller compressors are limited in airflow, the pressure they produce is ofter just as high as larger units.

Renting a Compressor

If you need a compressor that is rated at a high CFM, buying one can be costly. For projects that require a compressor for a few days or a few weeks, you may find that the cost of renting the compressor you need is cheaper than buying one for the job. 

Many equipment rental companies offer air compressors, but if you need a really large unit, you may have to find a company that specializes in renting these large compressors. In most cases, these large units come on a truck and may need to be unloaded on your worksite. If that is the case, the rental company should let you know, but you can ask to be sure. 

If the compressor is truck-mounted, the rental company may bring the trailer and compressor to the site and leave the trailer with the compressor, so all you need to do is supply fuel for the machine, making it convenient for you and the rental company.

Maintaining the Compressor

While you have the compressor on site, the rental company may give you some things to do to maintain it and keep it working correctly. If the compressor breaks down while you are renting, call the rental company. Any repair work on rental equipment would be the responsibility of the rental company unless you did something to cause a breakdown. Even if that is the case, the rental company needs to make the repair decisions. 

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