Keys To Buying Shoulder Bolts For Moving Part Applications

Posted on: 3 March 2020

If you're involved in the production of moving parts, one of the most helpful types of bolts you could invest in is a shoulder bolt. Its smooth body allows for easy rotation. If you're in the market for said bolts, keep these buying tips in mind. 

Select a Durable Material

You probably want your shoulder bolts holding up for as long as possible, as it means the part they're conjoined to won't suffer performance issues. To feel better about a shoulder bolt's durability, take time to assess its material composition.

For instance, choosing a shoulder bolt made out of stainless steel will prove to be a better investment than going with something like nylon. The steel will withstand extreme temperatures and rugged environments, giving you confidence as a shoulder bolt buyer. Titanium is an even more durable material that is perfect if your bolts are being exposed to a lot of force or weight. 

Find a Credible Manufacturer

The quality of your shoulder bolts depends a lot on the manufacturer that makes them. Spend time analyzing the manufacturing options so that the one you choose leads to desirable shoulder bolts that can hold up.

Start by seeing how different shoulder bolt manufacturers are received in the industry you work in. That should give you an accurate idea of what quality of shoulder bolts they're capable of producing. Also, assess the experience of different manufacturers. One that has been in this industry for decades probably has its fabrication techniques down and can, therefore, produce high-quality shoulder bolts. If you run into any trouble, it doesn't hurt to consult with others in forums. 

Assess Your Particular Operations

Shoulder bolts can vary a lot in terms of diameter and thread size. It's very important that you know what size to get so that these bolts work out perfectly. This involves examining your particular operations.

Think about what specific moving parts these shoulder bolts are being used for. If that doesn't bring clarity, then what you can do is talk to shoulder bolt suppliers. Tell them about your project and see if they can put you in the right direction based on past clients they've helped. Taking this approach could save you from making the wrong shoulder bolt investment.

There are a lot of different uses for shoulder bolts today, especially when it comes to moving parts. You can purchase some with relative ease as long as you key in on the right specs from the very beginning. 


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