Down To The Last Drop: 3 Problems You'll Face When You Let Your Propane Tank Run Dry

Posted on: 5 February 2020

If your home is powered by propane, you owe it to yourself to maintain a full tank. You may think that it's safe to let your tank run dry from time to time, but that's simply not the case. The fact is that you can face some serious problems each time your propane tank runs out of gas. Here are just a few of the reasons why you need to refill your propane tank before it runs empty. 

You May Have to Wait for a Refill

If your tank runs dry, you'll need to get it refilled as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if you run out during a busy time of year, you may find yourself waiting for an extended period of time for your propane. You may not think that's a big problem until you're without fuel for your heating and cooking needs, or you're forced to take a cold shower in the middle of winter. Not only will you be forced to deal with those uncomfortable situations, but you'll also be forced to deal with added fees. In most cases, propane companies require you to pay additional fees each time you allow your tank to run empty. To make sure you don't have to go without fuel while you wait for a refill or that you don't have to pay the additional fees, schedule a service call before you run out. 

Your Tank May Develop Rust 

If you make a habit of letting your propane run out before you call for a refill, you may be doing considerable harm to your tank. When your tank is filled, moisture can't get inside the tank. However, that's not the case when your tank is empty. Each time your tank is empty, the space fills up with moisture. Unfortunately, moisture inside the tank works to create the perfect environment for rust, which can destroy your propane tank. When your propane tank is filled with rust, it can pose an additional risk to you and your family. That's because the rust odor makes it nearly impossible to smell the propane odor, which means you might not realize you have a leak until it's too late. You can prevent rust by maintaining a full propane tank. 

Your Pilot Lights Will Go Out

If you have appliances that operate off propane, you need to maintain a full tank. Not only will you not be able to run your heater or hot water heater, but you'll also be left to deal with pilot light troubles. That's because your pilot lights will go out as soon as your tank runs out of propane. Unfortunately, that means you'll need to have service technicians come out to service your appliances once you have your tank refilled. Avoid issues with pilot lights by scheduling a refill before your propane tank runs dry.

Call propane gas services when you need propane.


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