Three Typical Application Requests For Custom Machine Spindles

Posted on: 28 January 2020

Industrial and manufacturing plants often come across very special needs when it comes to their equipment. These needs come on the heels of special requests of consumers looking for the means to make something unique. To fit these boring, drilling, milling, and manufacturing requests, the plants have to have custom machine spindles for their lathes and drills. Here are three typical application requests for custom machine spindles when your company is faced with pleasing a customer by creating a very unique product. 

Head Adjustments

Custom spindles often have head adjustments. These adjustments are added components that will take the standard spindle connection and either decrease or increase the rotating head size. These head adjustments are designed to provide extra support for tool attachments that would otherwise not fit the standard spindle head. Increasing the spindle head allows for larger tools to be attached, while decreasing the spindle heat allows for smaller tools, including micro tools, to be attached and used. 

Tool Holding 

Most spindles are able to hold onto a wide variety of tools. Sometimes you need a custom tool for a unique job, and then you have to not only get a custom tool made, but you also have to get the custom spindle to hold that tool. This particular application request for a custom spindle is probably the most common, since there is a never-ending supply of new spindle tools being added to inventories every few months, and the spindles are not mass-produced to handle the new specialty tools. 

Rotational Speed

Maybe you want your lathe to spin slower so that you can see what a lathe tool is doing to the material held in the lathe's spinners. Maybe you want the spindle to spin at twice the speed to speed up production and get a project for a customer completed. Whatever the reason, most machine spindles have their set rotational speeds, and getting them to move faster or slower than manufacturers intended is tough. Creating a custom spindle that actually moves slower or faster is how you can make that happen. 

Ordering Custom Spindles

Custom spindles always require a special order. It will take weeks for a mechanical engineer to design the spindle of your company's dreams. Then it will take several weeks more to develop a prototype and test it. When the spindle is ready, the company that makes such spindles will ship it to you. 


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