All About Seawalls

Posted on: 23 January 2020

A seawall is the wall you may notice is put up in order to separate areas where water would otherwise meet with the land. The seawall's main purpose is to prevent the erosion of the coastline, as well as to prevent damages that would otherwise take place during times of high tide and large waves that occur during storms.

Why do seawalls go up so high?

Not only do seawalls need to prevent the sea water from meeting up with land on a regular basis when it is high tide, but they also need to come up enough for the waves that get high during a storm. The hope would be that even in the case of abnormally high tides and especially high waves, like those in the case of a tsunami, that the seawall would be able to prevent a lot of the damage. These damages include those that could be done in the case of something as serious as a tsunami. Along with preventing naturally occurring erosion, it also prevents damages to streets, highways, and even businesses, houses, and other structures that may otherwise be flooded and receive water damage.

What do seawalls look like?

Just because you may have seen one seawall does not mean you have seen them all. There are different types of seawalls that have different shapes and are designed out of different materials. Some seawalls are made from concrete and have more of a sloping design to them. Then, there are others that are also made of concrete, but have more of a smooth step design to them, or even a curved design. There are other types of seawalls as well, such as ones that are designed from steel sheets. There are concrete blocks as well. No matter what the seawalls look like or what materials they are made from, they all have to be strong enough to offer protection from the seawater for many years.

How can you keep seawalls in good shape?

Even though seawalls are made of extremely durable materials and are built to last, time and the elements will still eventually take their toll on them. This is why they must be monitored and when weakness and damage is found in them, they need to be repaired right away. As long as they are in good shape, then they can be counted on to do their jobs offering protection from the sea water. Talk to a seawall repair company to learn more.


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